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My honey chicken with Yorkshire pudding / Mi pollo a la miel con Yorkshire pudding

It's the first time that I cook Yorkshire pudding,
 I've used the Jamie Oliver's recipe 
and I'm the happiest woman in the world
I got it. They were delicious.

Es la primera vez que hago Yorshire pudding.
He usado la receta de Jamie Oliver
 y soy la mujer más feliz del mundo, lo conseguí.
Estaban deliciosos

And this is my honey chicken, everything began
because my father cannot eat meals with salt,
 so I invented this recipe

Y este es mi pollo a la miel, todo empezó
porque mi padre no puede tomar sal,
así que invente esta receta


Chicken, Pollo
honey, miel
parsley, perejil
rosemary, romero
beer or wine, cerveza o vino
olive oil, aceite de oliva
garlic, ajo
lemon, limón


You only have to cover the chicken with all the ingredients and bake it in the oven during one hour more or less, depending on the amount of chiken you use in the recipe.

Solo hay que cubrir el pollo  con los ingredientes y hornear una hora más o menos, dependiendo de la cantidad de pollo  que utilices en la receta.


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  1. Buena idea para los hipertensos, y no puede ser más fácil.
    Blanca de JUEGO DE SABORES

  2. Hello Marina:
    We are so pleased that your Yorkshire Puddings worked out so well for you. The latest craze in London is for the tiniest of Yorkshire Puddings, served with a sliver of roast beef, as canapés.

  3. Well done Marina for making such perfect looking Yorkshire Puddings - they are known for being difficult to get right and yours look delicious and exactly as they should be.
    I like the sound of your honeyed chicken, and must give it a try.

  4. Good Morning Marina, Isn't the Jamie Oliver recipe for Yorkshire Puddings the best. I am so glad you enjoyed them. As with most recipes you will find people in England have their very own recipe which works for them. My sister in law makes amazing Yorkshire Puddings, but will not share the recipe, she said there is a secret ingredient she uses, that is why I turned to Jamie for advice. What did your dad think of them....I'm sure he enjoyed them aswell.
    Have a good day and best wishes, Daphne

  5. It looks delicious, a beautiful winter meal. I have been eating salads for weeks, it is so hot here! x

  6. What a nice daughter to cook special meals for your father. This looks very good! I have never made Yorkshire Pudding, but it looks really tasty. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  7. Apunto receta y ya se me abre el apetito...
    Me gusta porque a mi la sal tampoco me hace muy feliz que digamos...

    Un besote cocinera!

  8. Que lindo e apetitoso essa receita. Já anotei a receita.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  9. That sounds amazing!!! I've just eaten my supper meal and that makes me hungry!
    Hugs, Cindy


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