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Holy Week in Jerez / Semana Santa en Jerez

I think is difficult to understand our Holly Week in the south of Spain in Adalusia, especially for foreigners. You can find  sculptures  of Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary or all the saints, all over this land, in every church, cathedral and every Virgen Mary has a different advocation. We know we only have one Virgen Mary but.......every community want to have their own one.
Brotherhoods appear in the Middle Ages with the craft guilds, each guild guilds appear in the Middle Ages with the craft guilds, each guild  started taking to the streets with procesions with pictures of different titles: the Virgin of Miracles, Our Lady of Sorrows ...

Creo que la Semana Santa en el sur de España en Andalucía es dificil de entender, sobretodo para los extranjeros. Se pueden encontrar imágens de Cristo, la Virgen María o de todos los Santos, por toda esta tierra, en cada iglesia, cada catedral y cada Virgen tiene una advocación diferente. Sabemos que Virgen María hay solo una pero.....cada hermandad quiere tener la suya propia.
Las hermandades surgen en la Edad Media con los gremios de artesanos, cada gremio sacaba a la calle procesiones con imágens de diferentes advocaciones: La Virgen de los Milagros, la Virgen de los dolores.... etc

Last Sunday, We had a special ceremony in the parish of the neighbourhood where I was born, My parents still live there. The Virgin of the grief "Virgen del Desconsuelo" was down by the brothers of the brotherhood and everybody could kiss her hand (Besamanos). This is a annual ritual. On Saturday the day before I went to the church of San Mathew to take several pictures for you. The mantle is embroidered with golden threads. It has been restored during two years in Sevilla. And It was bought in Seville eighty years agoand given by my husband's great grandmother to the brotherhood.

El domingo pasado, tuvimos una ceremonia  en la parroquia del barrio donde nací, mis padres todavía viven allí. La Virgen   del Desconsuelo se bajó del altar  y todo el mundo podía besar su mano (besamanos). Este es un ritual anual. El sábado, el día antes,fui a la iglesia de San Mateo para hacer varias fotos. El manto está bordado con hilos de oro. Se ha restaurado durante dos años en Sevilla. Y fue comprado en Sevilla hace ochenta años por la bisabuela de mi marido y regalado a la hermandad.

Manuel Domecq and his wife Mercedes González with their family

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  1. La Semana Santa se vive y no hay más.

  2. Me alegro que estas costumbres no desparezcan en Espana. Nunca he podido ir en Semana Santa para disfrutarlas...algun dia. Un abrazo.

  3. Such beautiful traditions, Marina! So lovely to see the embroidered cloth given by your husband's ancestors. Thank you for sharing this holy beauty with us! xoxo

  4. I adore the old wonderful altars!

  5. Beautiful photos and interesting traditions, I've never understood where all of the saints and such come from. It is wonderful to know that so many people do believe in God.
    Hugs, cindy

  6. Dearest Marina,
    What a treasures you got in your city, for La Semana Santa. NOT La Semana Acebo/Holly. It is Holy Week...
    Yes, coming from an all Roman Catholic region in the south of The Netherlands I do understand this!
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mariette for your correction. I've just correct it. You are a great follower, thanks for your help

    2. Dearest Marina,
      You are quite welcome! We all make such mistakes as it is never easy in another language. But since I've edited e.g. my husband Pieter's book, guess I am very trained at REALLY reading. Lots of bloggers write comments that often don't make sense and only PROOF that they did NOT read...
      Hugs to you,


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