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In my kitchen's old cupboard/ En la antigua alacena de mi cocina

When we bought our flat, we tried to conserve several things that we liked it, and one of them was this cupboard in the kitchen, a lot of room.

I also like to save the yogurt glasses to do my desserts,
 like the brown ones you can see on the right

También me gusta guardar los vasos de yogurt para hacer mis postres
como los que se ven a la derecha

I use this wooden box to save my lunch boxes
Uso esta caja de madera para guardar mis fiambreras

And here you are part of my condiments:  Sherry Wine of course in Jerez we use a lot, Good sherry to cook´
Olive oil ( those spraits you can see are from Granada, my husband has a cliente there "MAEVA", They mix olive oil with other spices and garlic)

Y aqui tenemos parte de mis condimentos: Vino de Jerez que usamos mucho para cocinar.
Aceite de oliva ( esos spraits que veis son de Granada, mi marido tiene un cliente alli "MAEVA", Ellos mezclan el aceite de oliva con otras especias y ajo a veces)

I'm also a maniac of recycling, so I use all the glass bins to save pasta, rice, cranberries, salt...

También soy una maniática del reciclaje, así que uso todos los botes de cristal para guardar pasta, arroz, sal...

Another thing very useful to use of space,  is buying several IKEA shelves. 
Do you recognize these ones?

Otra cosa muy util para aprovechar el espacio es comprar varias estanterias de IKEA.
¿Reconocéis estas?

Today, I've been tidying a little and I 've had the courage of  showing my cupboard

Hoy, he estado ordenando un poco y he tenido el coraje de mostrar mi armario

Would you like showing me yours?

¿Os gustaría enseñarme el vuestro?

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  1. Oh I would not show you mine....a bit messy. I love cooking with sherry as well and I am curious about the yogourt pots? Is that how yogourt is sold in stores?

    1. You can find them in some Stores. They are made of ceramic clay. But only some marks sell their products in these pots.


  2. Que tantas coisas tens. Compro poucas coisas por que não tenho lugar para armazenamento. Tenho somente dois armário pequenos. Meu sonho é ter um imenso armário. Adorei sua cozinha e o azulejo muito bonito.
    Tenha um ótimo fim de semana.

    1. Muchas gracias. En nuestra primera casa teníamos muy poco espacio en la cocina, pero en la casa actual tenemos mucho espacio en la cocina y es estupendo ya que a todos nos gusta mucho cocinar y experimentar.

      Un abrazo

  3. I want one of those dates to wrap in some bacon!

    1. Are you coming to pick them up or must I go to USA to take them to you?

  4. Thank you for inviting me to see your pantry. You are very prepared. It is fun seeing some your things look just like USA things and others, like your condiments, look very different.

  5. Marina - I love how you used the IKEA shelves for food, I use them for the tea mugs because I have so many, also for plates but you have given me a good idea ....

    I also love your recycling bottles - the food looks so much better in them.

    1. Hi Dee, I've found this comment today sorry, I didn't answer you eight months ago. Thanks a lot for your comments I always enjoy them


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