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Mi casa magazine: Tidy / Mi casa revista: Orden

I've read in "Mi casa" magazine that the best to have the house tidy is to have lots of drawers, boxes, tins so everything is in the correct place. The problem is than someone has to put the things into the drawers, boxes, tins and not everyone in the house is willing to put everything in place. So you can find your 13 years old daughter's room with all the drawers empty and  everything in the floor.

He leído en 

So I have a conclusion, someone can help me to get that my family put the things in the correct place??

Thanks, I'm waiting for your answers

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  1. Querida Marina lo de estar todo en orden es tarea ardua y difícil en adolescentes,será cosa de tener un montón de almacenaje y me lo aplico también para mi.

  2. Good luck!! :-)) I remember those daughter would tell me she likes the messy look!
    Mary Alice

    1. My daughter and my son say exactly the same

  3. Marina, eso es una batalla perdida... pero me has echo sonreír.

    Un saludo,


  4. Dear Marina - I think that you will just have to wait until they are grown up and have homes of their own which they in turn will want their children to keep tidy.

    1. Thank you Rosemary, so what you mean is that there's no solution at all. You are very funny. At least I can see that my house is not the only one with this problem.


  5. Good Afternoon Marina, How I smiled when I read your post. As when my daughters were teenagers, I had the same problem. So after trying to organise them, without much success and I have to say with lots of angst on either side. I decided to give in to the problem, so that both my daughters and myself would not get upset. You know what I did? I closed their doors. They both have homes of their own now and do you know they are both so tidy! So I decided it was a phase! (one of many). Good luck with your teenager.
    Best Wishes

    1. Many Thanks Daphne, I also close the door sometimes but in other cases I try to talk to her and ask her to tidy. This doesn't work nearly never.
      Thank you and hugs from Spain

  6. Oh Marina, me hiciste reir! Parece que has visitado el cuarto de mi hija! Me demore meses renovandolo y consiguiendo cajas, cajones y muchas otras formas de almacenamiento, pero ella todo lo mantiene por el suelo! Por ahi dicen dizque cambian, aun estoy esperando ese momento!

    1. Vaya! parece que es un desorden global, en todo el mundo, ¿Tendrá que ver con la capa de ozono) ¿O con los meteoritos que caen ultimamente?

  7. Dearest Marina,
    Oh my; this is a universal problem I guess! But one thing is for sure, we should not live in a sterile; magazine style home! Even when we prepare our Rose Suite for guests to arrive, clean and with a welcome note + flowers. Once we get to 'visit' them it looks like some teenagers have bombarded the place. And I'm talking about adults. Everything spread out and on the floor... Even if we have spaces to put things or hang them. It doesn't matter. Just take a deep breath and hold on till you clean it again. Enjoy those brief moments when things ARE tidy and keep that memory.
    Hugs to you,

    1. You are great, Mariette! you have a special way of describe situations that make me smile and feel better, thanks for your comments.

      A great smile from Spain

  8. Pues sí, es una tarea algo complicada, y más si se trata de niños, aunque hay adultos que son como niños...paciencia Marina! bstes

  9. Esta es una de mis batallas perdidas Marina, por mucho que insista, por mucho almacenaje que tengan siempre tengo que insistir!!!

    1. Vaya! veo que nadie tiene el secreto. Gracias

  10. Oh, Marina! La historia de mi vida! :) No importa lo que hagas, es imposible. Y mis hijos son todos mayores, pero así y todo. Durante el día, estoy en casa sola y todo esta en su sitio y recogido, en el momento que dan las tres de la tarde y las tropas (como yo les llamo, jajaja) empiezan a llegar a casa, parece que traen con ellos un huracán. Que podemos hacer!

    1. En fin paciencia, pero me cuesta, me cuesta mucho.. ahora acabo de terminar la comida y aqui estoy esperando que llegue las tropas como tu bien dices jejeje


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