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Several branches of this wild plant 
that I picked up yesterday
 in my walk on the beach

Varias ramas de esta planta silvestre 
que recogí ayer en mi paseo por la playa

A "vinegar from Jerez" bottle, 
that I cleaned very well

Una botella de "Vinagre de Jerez", que lave muy bien

And my husband's photos
Y las fotos de mi marido

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  1. Qué bonito queda Marina. Es de los que me gustan a mí. Un besico.

  2. Dearest Marina,
    Lovely presentation of your wild flowers! I do the very same, each pretty bottle I clean up, remove the label and use for various flowers. Often they look even better than any store-bought vase!
    Hugs to you,

    1. I agree with you, they look better. When we do something like this we realise the amount of beautiful things that people throw away every day. And the importance of recycling.

  3. Beautiful, simply beautiful ! Greetings!

  4. Very often the simple things are the best! Beautiful and obviously a professional photographer as husband... Christa

    1. Thank you Christa. You are very kind.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love simplicity

      Hugs from Jerez


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