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A great sofa to have a look to the books
Un sofá genial para echar un vistazo a los libros

I'm very lucky, books have been very important in my family
 from several generations ago.
Tengo mucha suerte, los libros han sido 
muy importantes en mi familia,
 desde hace varias generaciones
The first person, who I remember liked books, was
 my grandfather Paco, according to my mother's words he had a great collection and he also read newspaper ( something difficult for a person who lived and worked in the field)
La primera persona, que recuerdo que le gustaban los libros fué mi abuelo Paco, según las palabras de mi madre, tenía una gran collección y también leía los periodicos ( algo dificil para alguién que vivia y trabajaba en el campo)

Cookery books
Libros de cocina

Then some of his sons and daughters like my mother also loved books and reading
Después algunos de sus hijos e hijas como mi madre también amaron los libros y la lectura.

Uncle Paco is a great writer, he even has won several awards ( My mother who is the eldest of the sisters used to by him books when she came to Jerez from the field)
El Tío Paco es un gran escritor, incluso ha ganado varios premios (Mi madre solía comprarle libros cuando venía a Jerez desde el campo)

Books for children
Libros para niños

And now the third generation my cousin Manuel,  who works at the Patrimony Department of the Jerez Town Council. He also has won several national TV competitions in cultural programs.
He is also a writer and  decided to open a bookshop with the money he won in this programs.
Investor also

Y ahora la tercera generación, mi primo Manuel, que trabaja en Patrimonio en el Ayuntamiento de Jerez. También ha ganado varios concursos de televisión en programas culturales. Es escritor y decidió abrir una librería con lo que ganó en los concursos. Además inversor.

So, I wonder what will be thinking 
my grandfather when he see his family 
here in the land from the sky. 
I think he must be very proud
Por lo tanto, me pregunto qué estará 
pensando mi abuelo cuando ve a su familia
 aquí en la tierra desde el cielo. 
Creo que debe estar muy orgulloso.

And the place for children
Y el espacio para los niños

Not all of the family writes  as them. (I have lawyers, teachers, nurses), 
 Or love books  as my mother and me,  
but they have other virtues. 
And all of us like help each other
Many of us work in the church or in ONGS

No toda la familia escribe como ellos (tenemos abogados, profesores, enfermeras)
 o le encantan los libros como a mi madre y a mi, pero a todos nos gusta ayudar a los demás´
Muchos colaboran con la parroquia o con ONGS


So, here you are the bookshop 
where all the family buy the books.
Asi que, aqui teneis la libreria 
donde toda la familia compra los libros.

Puppets from all over the world
Marionetas de todas partes del mundo

Books to read, books to give
Libros para leer, libros para regalar

We also go there to talk a little 
También vamos a veces para charlar un poco

A charming clock
Un reloj encantador

Or to ask how the family is
O para preguntar como está la familia

And books and more books
y libros y más libros

I enjoy every visit
Yo disfruto cada visita

And I'm also very proud of my family
Y yo también estoy muy orgullosa de mi familia

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  1. A charming story about you and your family! Writing runs in the family, it seems! I love how you call them "cookery books." Here in the US, it's just cookbooks...your way sounds much better. Spending time in a bookstore is good for the soul!

    1. Thank you very much Amy. I agree with you "Spending time in a bookstore is good for the soul"


  2. A lovely post, and what a gorgeous bookshop - my two sons have just had a book published. My eldest sons poems, illustrated by my youngest son. We are very proud of them both.

    1. Great! I cannot imagine how you can feel, having two artists at home.



  3. what a very cool place to read!

  4. I love a good book store and a good book. I have not done enough reading this summer. My husband is a writer so this also plays a big role in our family. :)

  5. Me recurda a los tiempos que cuando nina pasaba horas y horas en la libreria, mirando y sentada en el suelo leyendo. Cuando mi Mama no me encontraba siempre decia "buscala en la libreria".

    1. Yo me pasaba los veranos leyendo y releyendo los tebeos (comics) que mi madre me compraba los fines de semana...

  6. Oh what a wonderful place to visit, it's so very colourful and comfy looking. You come from a very intelligent family apparently. My family always read a lot because we grew up without a television and that makes a huge difference in what children do with their spare time. Every evening once could find us all propped up somewhere comfortable, reading a book.
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. Wonderful! what a great image! Everybody reading in a comfortable place.


  7. Dearest Marina,
    That speaks very highly of your family! Having such intellectual inspiration must be a genetic factor that has been passed on by generations. My Mom & Das always loved to read and have inspired me from childhood on. But out of 7 children (soy la hija mayor) only two have become writers. That's my brother, who is the middle child and me. We both have books and magazines published, professionally. My husband also is a writer and an avid reader. I can also trace it back to the 3rd generation. My paternal Grandparents were avid readers and my paternal Grandmother's brother was a PhD in literature, Church literature. He was Professor at the seminary at first after he became a Priest, than he went to Rome to study Church law and he became an adviser to several bishops in Indonesia on the island of Timor. He stayed in that position for over 30 years. How I would have loved to once more chat with him. He died when I was only 18 but he's one of my favorite male persons in my family. Probably I got his genes, for speaking several languages. Both of us spoke/speak Indonesian... Genetics are very interesting!
    But try to keep this tradition alive; it's the best education there is. Reading can transform you completely!
    Our home has tons of books in seven languages...

    1. I love reading what you write. You also have an interesting family. I would like to read some article or something written by you. Could you send me something by e-mail? I try to read in English and French to learn new vocabulary. Thanks for sharing such interesting information about your family

  8. You have lovely family traditions, Marina! I don't know how I could live without my books. They have taught me to do nearly everything I know and have taken me to places all over the world that I could never visit in person. I have learned how other people live and how they think and what their struggles have been just through books. Is that your cousin's book store? It is a wonderful book store and you should be proud of your family for all their hard work and accomplishments passed down for generations. Hugs, xo

    1. Yes, it is, Karen. We are very proud, my family grow up in the field and most of the children, who lived there , didn't go to school. My mother and her brothers and sisters had to walk in the mud with sticks to go to the closer school. So they and my grandparents did a great effort to get it. Thank my grandparents we are where we are nowadays

  9. Para el verano????,jjjjj es broma son para todos los tiempos, me encanta la lectura....... el espacio presentado es extraordinario.

    1. Jejeje! Para todo el año, pero yo me relajo más en verano...

  10. Hola Marina! Parece que hoy el ordenador me deja visitarte, jajaja. Seguramente porque yo también soy una gran amante de los libros desde que era una niña!! La librería que nos muestras es muy bonita y me ha encantado lo que dices de tu familia!!

    Un besote guapa!

    1. Hola Marian, lo del ordenador es algo tremendo, nosotros tuvimos una mala racha hace unos meses y fue espantoso, ahora no quiero ni hablar del tema. Suerte y gracias por pasarte. Gracias la librería es de mi primo y la disfrutamos mucho, la tiene muy bien montada y ha restaurado la casa entera, aunque aún no vive allí, tiene una piscina muy chula en la azotea.


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