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In the garden - En el jardín

I will take cuttings of lavender, rosemary and basil
Hoy voy a sacar esquejes de lavanda, romero y albahaca

I've tried it in other occasions....
Lo he intentado en otras ocasiones....

Wish me luck
Deseadme suerte

Here you are the cuttings
Aquí teneis los esquejes

Here you are the tray
Aqui teneis la bandeja

Soil and tools
Tierra y herramientas

Cuttings prepared
Esquejes preparados

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  1. Seguro que arraigan todos, ahora es muy buena época, cuando el calor del verano asfixiante se ha marchado y viene esa segunda primavera.

    Buen fin de.



    1. Gracias me das mucho animo, Buen finde a ti también

  2. Yo también espero que funcione porque lo voy a poner en práctica hoy mismo!!

    1. Vale, me encantaría ver fotos, sería genial!

  3. Suerte Marina, también me gusta hacer esquejes pero jamás he hecho de plantas aromáticas, excepto la menta.

  4. Dearest Marina,
    Wow, with such healthy cuttings and very fertile soil you will succeed; no doubt! Wish we had your soil quality...
    Happy weekend and sunny hugs,

    1. Thank you Mariette, But, How do you know the soil is fertile??

    2. Being the daughter of a market gardener I have an understanding of fertile soil. The dark color is already indicating that it contains plenty of organic material and as the result of that good waterholding capacity! WISH we had some of that... Ours has absolutely NO water-holding capacity and we must buy tons of bagged compost and cow manure etc. to mix it in. So you are very blessed. BUT, your region is of course being cultivated for AGES by people and therefore contains lots of organic material. You must imagine that Pieter and I are the VERY FIRST people living on our 1-½ hectare that start cultivate a garden. That means hard work and lots of adding to the poor soil. My Dad's soil was also very dark and full of organic material, hence excellent vegetables came off his land.
      Hope this did explain how I know. Pieter is also the son of a market gardener and both our Dads had land and lots of greenhouses because the colder climate in The Netherlands. It's NOT the south of Spain. You are blessed in many ways.
      Hugs and let me know please how these green babies will do in a couple of weeks!

    3. Thank you very much Mariette, of course this post will have second part , but although the soil in Andalousia is good I haven't got a proper garden, I live in a flat and my plants are in pots, so soil comes from nurseries, the typical soil of Jerez where the vines grow is "albariza" that is a white soil I don't know if you know it. It's perfect for grapes and olives. Thanks again you are very, very kind

      Hugs from Jerez

  5. Lavender and Rosemary always seem to work for me but Basil I have not tried.
    Another good way to get roots on the lavender is to put then in a glass of water, in the kitchen, and next to a window so that the sun shines on them through the glass - but only change the water every two weeks. Put some sugar in the water and a 1 euro cent coin. That seems to work!
    Bye for now

    1. Thank you very much Kirk, I'm going to prove it right now.

      Thank you, thank you

  6. Good luck with the cuttings, and don't forget to do a post on their progress!

  7. I hope it'll work. I just love the smell of rosemary when you cut it!

  8. ¡Suerte! Si no te prenden, prueba a cortar la lavanda y el romero por la parte leñosa y simplemente meterlos en la tierra de un tiesto. A mí casi siempre me funciona, la albahaca puesta en agua hecha raíces.
    Un besín


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