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The Jerez Countryside - La Campiña Jerezana

Cortijo del Zorro

This is also Jerez,  a very important period of the history of our city is related with this countryside of Cortijos and vineyards. 
We could translate Cortijos as Farmhouses but I think this wouldn't be the correct translation
Esto es también Jerez, un periodo muy importante de la historia de nuestra ciudad está relacionada con esta campiña de Cortijos y viñas.
Podría traducir Cortijos como granjas pero creo que no sería la traducción correcta

My mother spent her childhood here, my grandfather was foreman in a vineyard so my she and her brothers and sisters lived there surrounded by vines. It wasn't an easy life at all but she remembers these times as a wonderful moment of her life.
My madre paso su infancia aquí, mi abuelo era capataz de una viña, así que ella y sus hermanos vivieron allí rodeados de vides. No fue una vida facil pero recuerda estos tiempos como un momento maravilloso en su vida

Cerro Nuevo

September has been always an important month for the vineyards, the harvest was  a revolution in this month. Lots of men and women came from other villages to work and to pick up the grapes.
Septiempre ha sido siempre un mes importante para las viñas, la vendimia era una revolución en este mes. Muchos hombres y mujeres, venían de otros pueblos a trabajar y recoger la uva.

Viña La Trinidad

There was many cortijos and vineyards where lots of families lived the whole year, a school and a church
Había muchos cortijos y viñas donde vivían montones de familias todo el año, un colegio y una iglesia

Last Saturday we went to have a walk and take some photos to share with you.
El sábado pasado fuimos a dar un paseo y hacer algunas fotos para compartir con vosotros.

All of us had a mixture of feelings difficult to explain
Todos tuvimos sentimientos difíciles de explicar

I hope I can transmit you a little bit of my impressions
Espero poder transmitiros un poquito de mis impresiones

Most of the Cortijos and houses are abandoned 
La mayoría de los Cortijos y casas están abandonados

Most of the paths are closed with fences
La mayoría de los caminos estan cerrados con vallas

But we enjoy, in some way, the walk
Pero de alguna manera disfrutamos el paseo

All of us have a different connection with these lands
Todos nosotros tenemos una conexión diferente con estas tierras

And although those times were happy, 
Y aunque aquellos tiempos fueron felices,

 They were also very hard times
También fueron tiempos muy duros

Jerez has changed a lot and the way of working in the vineyards too
Jerez ha cambiado mucho y la manera de trabajar en los campos también

Our way of earning life changed
Nuestra forma de ganarnos la vida cambió

But it's good remember how it used to be
Pero es bueno recordar como solía ser

And the influence of that hard work, in our present.
Y la influencia de aquel duro trabajo, en nuestro presente.

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  1. Los campos se han abandonado para dar paso al turismo,nosotras ya no hemos conocido lo que es el trabajo duro,pero nuestros abuelos vivían de lo que daba el campo,y ver lo descuidado que esta les duele.

  2. Me ha encantado toda la historia como la relatas nos la hace vivir plenamente. Preciosas fotos y ricas vivencias!

  3. Thank you so much for such a wonderful post. We spend about half the year in Andalucia and are gradually exploring different areas of this wonderful country. Your pictures have made me want to visit somewhere you obviously love so much.

    1. Thank you Linda. You are very kind. I hope some day you can come,

      Hugs from Jerez

  4. This post touched my heart, Marina! So lovely that you went back to see your roots with your parents and although things have changed, they are still the same in the stories of your past. Your photos are very beautiful and meaningful. Hugs, xoxo

    1. Thanks a lot Karen! I've learned a lot of your lovely posts and your way of telling us your stories.

      Hugs from Jerez

  5. Dearest Marina,
    Such stories are so valuable to share. What a wonderful thing that your Mom and Dad together could go back with all of you to the Farmstead where she grew up! Your Grandfather was still lucky for being a foreman in the vineyard. If I look back at my Parents, they both worked at a huge Farmstead too. Not tending a vineyard but working on the fields and milking cows. Hard work from dawn till dusk. My Mom had to do this at the tender age of 14... leaving her Parents to go work for somebody else and only coming home a few times during holidays. She made it possible for her Dad to buy a new horse to work with at home... My Dad also left his Parents at age 15. Those were rough times back then and all our Parents were poor so there are no glamour stories to tell. This taught all of us a lesson to be humble and to be grateful for what we have!
    This was very sweet for going back with your Mom to her early childhood area. How far is the distance from where your Parents and you are living now?
    Hugs to you and to your Parents,

    1. Hi Mariette! Thanks a lot for your kind words. where did your parents live? My parents live in the centre of Jerez about 7 or 8 km of this place. It's near nowadays but you have to realize that when Mom lived there, she had to ride an old bicycle to get to Jerez, before the bicycle they used donkeys and the path to the school was sticky mud, so they had to use sticks and boots to get there. Other children of the area didn't go to school because their parents spent the little money they earned in going to the fair of Jerez, for example. My grandpa saved money all the year to by the boots for the school. There are lots of stories like this one. TThanks again for your words

    2. Dearest Marina,
      My Parents lived and still live in the deep south of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. That's where I lived for 32 years as well. Oh my goodness, no one had any means of transportation back than. They all went by bike or on foot. We walked to school, only in 5th grade I got my 1st bike. Life has changed a lot, even in my life time! Not always better as the younger generation often doesn't know how and when to be grateful!
      But this was a great idea to go back in time and for taking photos and adding the story of your Mom's early childhood experiences that did shape her in becoming the woman she is. That also affected all of you in a way, how she did pass on her feelings and appreciation of things...
      Big hug,

  6. Imagino que ver esos cortijos abandonados tiene que ser duro. Pero bueno, por lo menos disfrutastéis del paseo. Gracias por compartirlo con nosotros. Un beso

  7. Una historia que me ha llegado. Me encanta sentarme con la gente mayor y que me cuenten sus vivencias y su infancia. Lo solía hacer mucho con mi abuelo materno, y tu relato me lo ha hecho recordar.

    Besos Marina!

    1. Gracias Marian, a mi también me gusta escuchar historias y me da penas que tantas de ellas desaparezcan por que nadie se ha parado a oirlas


  8. I enjoyed the tour very much, but just like you, I have mixed feelings. It's such a shame that those properties are abandonned and that part of this culture is fading away.

    1. Life changes, it's good in some cases and sad in others


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