Monday, 10 February 2014

Today we are in the kitchen - Hoy estamos en la cocina

Today I've begun to cook as a crazy cook,
three meals at the same time
Hoy he empezado a cocinar como un cocinero loco, 
tres comidas a la vez

Chard cooked and sauteed with garlic
Acelgas cocidas y rehogadas con ajo

Accompanied by macaroni
with a little bit of tomato sauce
and cheese
That's going to be our lunch

Acompañadas de macarrones
con un poco de tomate y queso
Eso va a ser nuestro almuerzo

At the same time I've begun a veggies soup with the water of boiling the Chard and one tomato, the green part of two leeks, one pepper and two carrots.
Turmeric and salt
A la vez he empezado una sopa de verduras con el agua de cocer las acelgas, un tomate, la parte verde de dos puerros, un pimiento y dos zanahorias
Cúrcuma y sal

Here I've sauteed the white part of the leeks  in two tablespoons of olive oil to add to the soup tonight
Aquí he rehogado la parte blanca de los puerros en dos cucharadas de aceite de oliva para añadir a la sopa esta noche

Besides , I've sauteed this pork loin to bake in the oven.
You can add the species you like and salt, olive oil and sherry wine.
Además,  he rehogado este lomo de cerdo para asar en el horno. Podéis añadir las especies que más os gusten y sal, aceite de oliva y vino de Jerez

I've bought these French Onions, to add to  the loin, when it is half-cooked
He comprado estas cebollas francesas, para añadir al lomo, cuando este medio hecho.

Have a great week!
¡Que tengáis una semana genial!

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  1. Haces que me entre un hambre voraz...........qué rico!!
    Sin pereza

    1. Hay días que me da por hacerlo todo a la vez

  2. It looks so pretty, and you are so organized as to be able to prepare three meals at once. XOXO

    1. Depends on the day but I usually get it,
      thank you

  3. Súper cocinera,casi nada comida y cena!!!
    Feliz semana para ti también.

  4. Dear Marina,
    You are indeed very organised. Please expect us for dinner tomorrow!
    I like the sound of that vegetable soup.
    Bye for now,

    1. Thank you Kirk, but I'm not a very organised person. Sometimes, I get , but not always

  5. Lots of delicious scents coming from your cooking, Marina! I can practically taste and smell them! I love the pasta recipe - I have some kale and will try it. Hugs xo Karen

    1. Good luck, Karen, glad to have given you an idea


  6. Replies
    1. Hahahaha, A little bit far but I believe you, ANDALUCÍA - TEXAS TOGETHER BY THE SMELL