Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Do you always cook rice in the same way? - ¿Siempre haces el arroz de la misma manera?

My mother as all mothers usually cooked always the same dishes, you know children don't want veggies and you have to hide them. Your husband likes chops with fries or likes always the fish fried
Mi madre como todas las madres solía cocinar siempre los mismos platos, ya sabéis, los niños no quieren verdura y tienes que esconderlas. A tu marido le gustan las chuletas con patatas  o le gusta el pescado siempre frito.

But my husband and I like cooking and my mother likes trying new dishes so although she is 7? years old, she likes cooking new things, Although Dad was a little bit complicated for meals, he is getting used and now every Sunday is a surprise, sometimes she buy new spices like turmeric,not very common here, or adds rosemary that isn't very used in our area

Pero a mi marido y a mi nos gusta cocinar y a mi madre le gusta probar nuevos platos así que aunque ella tiene 7? años, le gusta cocinar nuevas cosas. Aunque mi padre era un poco complicado para las comidas, se está acostumbrando y ahora cada Domíngo es una sorpresa. A veces compra nuevas especias como cúrcuma, que no es muy usada aquí, o añade romero que tampoco se usa mucho en nuestra zona.

Last Sunday she surprised us with this wonderful rice with chiken, delicious
El Domíngo pasado nos sorprendió con este maravilloso arroz con pollo, buenísimo

Pour oil in a big saucepan, add garlic and onion cut in small pieces, 10 min. later add the chiken  and French beens also cut in small pieces. A few min. later add the wine and spices and cook 1/2 h.

Add rice and water to cover it and cook 1/2 h more.
Take off the fire and wait 15 minutes.

Echar el aceite en una sarten grande, añadir el ajo y la cebolla cortados en pequeños trozos, 10 minutos más tarde añadir el pollo y las judías verdes, también contados en trozos pequeños. Unos minutos más tarde añadir el vino y las especias y cocinar 1/2 hora. 

Añadir el arroz y agua para cubrirlo, concinar 1/2 hora más. 
Retirar del fuego y esperar 15 minutos.

Several spices can totally change a dish
Varias especias pueden cambiar totalmente un plato

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  1. It look like something my spouse would love to eat, and it has no meat. Thank you, for sharing the recipe, Marina.


  2. Dearest Marina,
    Had to laugh with the cup of sherry that goes in there; keeping it authentic for your region. Compliments to your Mom, that keeps life interesing when we try different things.
    Looks very yummy and also sounds like that.

    1. Thanks a lot Mariette, Mom will be very proud when she read your comment

  3. Dear Marina, we all like rice and chicken (but one daughter, who is a vegetarian, well she may pick the chicken out...), so I will shurely try (but add the sherry after the children have had their share - well this is more complicated, experimental...) Maybe I shall do it for my husband, our eldest son and me only and order pizza for the three younger ones? Have a nice day! Yours Sarah

    1. it isn´t necesary , The alcohol in wine evaporates and disappears during cooking. We cook a lot with wine in Andalousia from many years ago. You can ask chefs, children can eat this dish.