Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New onions, Cebollas nuevas

There is  a place in Jerez, 
where you can rent 
a small  field 
and plant their veggies.

Hay un lugar en Jerez, 
donde puedes alquilar 
un pequeño terreno 
y plantar tus verduras

the youngest sister of my mother 
and her husband have fulfilled that dream

La hermana menor de mi madre y su marido 
han cumplido ese sueño

Yesterday they gave us these onions, some artichokes and broad beans, a treasure 

Ayer nos regalaron estas cebollas, alcachofas ( o alcauciles como los llamamos aquí) y habas, un tesoro

Veggies full of vitamines to face Spring

Verduras llenas de vitaminas para encarar la primavera

How do you cook new onions?
¿Como cocináis las cebollas nuevas?

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  1. Em Portugal também já existe esse conceito, e há muitas pessoas que arrendam espaços para cultivo das suas hortas! Acho uma ideia excelente! Quanto à forma de cozinhar estas cebolas magnificas...não faço a menor ideia:):) Beijinho, manuela

  2. Haces un sofrito con las cebollas,unos dientes de ajo y las alcachofas,chup,chup,y al final le poner unos huevos y te sale un revuelto vegetal riquísimo!

  3. Dear Marina, those onions are almost to beautiful to be eaten... You allready have sort of a harvest? Amazing! Yours Sarah

    1. I've baked with some vinager and olive oil, only several drops and they were delicious

  4. So pretty! Love the purple in the onions.

  5. Beautiful. You can already enjoy new harvest, Marina.

  6. Dearest Marina,
    Onions like these purple ones I've never seen before though... They look perfect and they would have been great for the soup I made this evening for our Church members. Onions are the biggest comodity sold in the entire world and oh so healthy to eat as they clean our system. You got lucky for receiving such fresh veggies off the land. That tastes always a lot better as it also was labor of love.

    1. they were delicious only with several drops of olive oil and vinager and baked , delicious