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Holy Week - Semana Santa

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  1. Dearest Marina,
    Noticed some of those people dressed in all black are bare footed... Why are they wearing those pointed black hats?
    LOVE the gilted platform on which they have the bare cross. What art work!
    Have a meaningful Holy Week!

    1. Holy Week in Spain is very old and special. This way of living it has its origin in the Middle Age with the guilds, carpenters, smiths. They organized themselves in brotherhoods. Every one devoted to one image or representation of the Christ Passion. People who accompanies the images are called "Penitents", they cannot talk, they don't show their faces because they don't do public their penance, some of them don't wear shoes to make it harder and some others carry a wooden cross.

      Dificult to explain, isn't it

  2. Thank you, it is not difficult to explain, you did very well. So it is in fact an anonimous Penitential ritual done by many people in silence. Very well described and also very meaningful. As a child I've walked in long processions to a pilgrimage place for Maria and my Grandfather and my Dad would pould dried peas inside their shoes as a penitential rite during the long walk. That is no longer done in The Netherlands, a pity as it was such an age old tradition by all our forefathers. So glad it still got preserved in Andalusia!
    Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

    1. Curious, Women also put dried peas inside their choes in my grandma's village

  3. Qué bonito, yo creo de todas maneras que la Semana Santa se vive mucho más en el sur, quiero decir que se guardan más las tradiciones, con procesiones preciosas, qué envidia me das!!
    Besos y disfruta de esta Pascua
    Sin pereza

    1. Quizás será simplemente por el clima, pero es verdad que existen aún muchas tradiciones

      Besos Leti

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! this is Holy Week in my city Magic


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