Monday, 16 June 2014

The first dinner outdoors - La primera cena al aire libre

Hi! We are beginning the Week
Last Night we had
our first dinner outdoors
this year
Mini homemade burgers
My husband had a new idea
he used this item for cutting biscuits
(I don't know the name in English, Sorry)

Hola! Empezamos la semana
Anoche cenamos al aire libre 
por primera vez este año
Mini hamburguesas caseras
Mi marido tuvo una idea nueva
uso el cortapastas para hacerlas

Our terrace is not still ready
we have work to do 
but we can enjoy it 
the weather is perfect to dinner outdoors

Nuestra terraza aún no está lista aún
tenemos trabajo que hacer
pero podemos disfrutarla,
el tiempo es perfecto para cenar al aire libre

Here you can see, the fortress and part of the Cathedral
Aquí se ve el Alcazar y parte de la Catedral

Church of Saint Mathew and a tower of the Arab Wall
Iglesia de San Mateo y una torre de la Muralla Arabe

here you are the top of the tower
aquí tenéis la parte alta de la torre

Muchas gracias por estar ahí 
y que tengáis una buena semana

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  1. We had our first outdoor meal this weekend, too. Love your outdoor space and your view!

    1. Thanks Amy you are very kind, Hugs from this corner of the World

  2. Dearest Marina,
    Your husband was very clever for using the biscuit cutter to make the mini burgers!
    Love the view from your balcony. We have not yet had our supper outside due to heavy rain every afternoon. It looks like we're back in Indonesia all this rain... When everything is wet we don't want to go outside. But one day we will manage to do so again.

  3. Olá Marina! As imagens falam por si!!! Uma excelente ideia! E que bom que deve ser desfrutar de um almoço nesse terraço!! Besos, Manuela