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Childhood Memories - Recuerdos de la Infancia

It's really hard to explain what you feel when you meet with your Childhood friends
We shared lots of moments of our lives a long, long time ago. 
Everyone has a different points of view of those times.
Some of us even don't remember things that other of us have fresh in our memories
Not everybody could come,
but everybody was there
because we dedicated moments to all of them,
We told funny stories 
and we remembered sad stories too. 

Yesterday we felt as children at times 
even we behave as children at times

Es realmente dificil explicar lo que se siente cuando te encuentras
con amigos de la infancia.
Compartimos montones de momentos de nuestras vidas
hace mucho, mucho tiempo.
Cada una tiene diferentes puntos de vista de aquellos tiempos.
Algunas de nosotros incluso no recordamos cosas que otras de nosotras tenemos vivas en nuestros recuerdos.
No todo el mundo pudo venir,
pero todo el mundo estuvo allí, 
porque les dedicamos momentos a todas
Contamos historias divertidas
y recordamos historias tristes también

Ayer nos sentimos como niñas por momentos
incluso nos comportamos como niñas por momentos

Our school
Nuestro colegio

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  1. Dearest Marina,
    Such reunions are great, wish I could have gone back to The Netherlands when they had one a couple of years ago... But the distance, medical problems and the cost made it impossible. Glad to read that those that could not attend were there in memory by all the stories shared and relived.
    Nice that you too got being photographed by the lady wearing the turquoise top!
    Hugs and summer greetings,

    1. Thanks a lot for your words Mariette, Hugs

  2. Hola Marina, si que lo pasamos bien!!!!!
    Solo han pasado treintaitantos........ años desde que dejamos el colegio, pero parecía que nos volviamos a ver despues de unas vacaciones entre un curso y otro.
    Ojalá que no vuelva a pasar tanto tiempo la próxima que nos reunamos y prometemos hacerle caso a la guia.
    Un besazo.

  3. Marina, I love your words, english and spanish, perfect english I should say and very inspiring words. I didn't anticipate how much fun would be walking the streets of our beautiful city, laughing and learning things about our buildings, most of us don't realize how much history and beautiful architecture sorround us but a few hours with you would definitely take care of that. You are so full of knowledge and love for your town and it shows!!!!! Thank you for the wonderful idea that made our get together a joyful and unforgettable event!

    1. Thanks a lot Maripaz you are very kind, You cannot imagine how wonderful are your words, I only wanted to make easier and warmer our meeting. Some of us haven't seen each other in years, and it's difficult to organize something that like to everybody. Thanks a lot again. Hugs for you and your family.

  4. Good Afternoon Marina, How wonderful to catch up with your school friends after so many years. I have travelled so much in my life, that I was not in one place for a long time, so I have not really kept any of the friendships which I made at the different schools I attended.
    It is lovely to see that you were able to be in one of the photographs.
    Best Wishes to you.

    1. Thanks a lot for your words Daphne, It was difficult for us to organize the meeting and we couldn't find many of the girls but It was a special day, Thanks for stopping by

  5. How fabulous is it to meet up again with your friends after so many years. Everyone remembers things differently yet the common thread of shared memories binds you all. While in South Africa my very best & oldest friend of 40 years met up with me again (we saw each other 2 years ago) and time just stand still when we meet …

    1. Hi, you explain it perfectly, Hugs from Jerez


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