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How many beautiful things to see... - Cuantas cosas bonitas que ver ...

When you visit Jerez, you must visit its Wine Cellars, of course
Our wines are famous all over the World.
Al visitar Jerez, hay que visitar sus bodegas, por supuesto.
Nuestros vinos son famosos en todo el mundo

The Old Domecq Wine Cellars,
Now the owners are a Japanese Group
and the new name is a little bit odd
Beam Suntory
Las antiguas Bodegas Domecq,
 Ahora los propietarios son un Grupo Japonés
y el nuevo nombre es un poco extraño
Beam Suntory

But you can also take a walk around them,
they have wonderful gardens and
you can see them from the streets that surround them
Every morning I try to walk with my mother, you know
"Good for your health"
We walk and enjoy our city

Pero también podéis dar un paseo alrededor, tienen unos jardines maravillosos y se ven desde las calles que las rodean.
Cada mañana intento pasear con mi madre, ya sabéis
"Bueno para la salud"
Paseamos y disfrutamos de nuestra ciudad

The Old Domecq Wine Cellars,
Las antiguas Bodegas Domecq

This is one of our routes
Esta es una de nuestras rutas

The Old Domecq Wine Cellars,
Las antiguas Bodegas Domecq

The Old Domecq Wine Cellars,
Las antiguas Bodegas Domecq

The Old Domecq Wine Cellars,
Las antiguas Bodegas Domecq

The Old Domecq Wine Cellars,
but in this picture you can see one of
the main simbols of the other famous Wine Cellars
 in the City:
 González Byass
Las antiguas Bodegas Domecq,
 pero en esta foto se ve uno de
los principales símbolos de las otras famosas Bodegas
 de la Ciudad:
González Byass

You can even see
these vineyards planted inside 
Se pueden ver incluso
estas viñas plantadas dentro

González Byass 

It's amazing 
Es sorprendente 

González Byass 

Even for us
Incluso para nosotros 

González Byass 

If some day you came
do not miss it
Si alguna vez venís,
no os lo perdáis 

González Byass 

Take a walk around the city
Dad un paseo por la ciudad

González Byass 

And If you live here or near Jerez,
you have to do it 
Y si vivis aquí o cerca de Jerez,
tenéis que hacerlo 

González Byass 

Have a nice walk and...
Que tengáis un bonito paseo y ...

González Byass 


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  1. Eres muy afortunada de poder pasear por lugares tan bonitos y tipicos como estas bodegas, cada día tengo más ganas de visitar tu ciudad!! Besos

    1. Te espero con los brazos abiertos, jejeje, en serio por aquí estamos

  2. Deares Marina,
    What a lovely area you have for strolling around and so many buildings of interest. It is kind of sad that companies nowadays are being bought by foreign investors and often the original charm is being lost...
    Are those Jacaranda trees near the Old Domecq Wine Cellars?
    Thanks for taking us along. Enjoy walking with your Mom and say hello to her from Georgia/USA.

    1. Thanks Mariette you are very kind, and yes, They are Jacaranda trees, we've got a lot in Jerez from 20 years ago some of them are not in the correct places and people slip with flowers, but they are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by

  3. What a fabulous walk - thank you for sharing it with us. Have a fabulous week Marina x

  4. Domecq is now Japanese? The world is getting too complicated for me!!!

    I enjoyed sitting at your sidewalk cafes for cafe con leche too many years ago to say. Dinner at the Los Cignes (sp? The Swans) Hotel was the thing to do (ah, the Sangria!!Mixed right there for us) and the orange trees along the sidewalks bore real oranges and donkeys still pulled carts along the road. And feria week was enchanting. I won't go again and spoil the ancient memories. But thanks for the photo show.

    1. Hi, nice to meet you, I guess you were in Jerez a long time ago, Los Cisnes closed 40 years ago, and as you can see a japanese entreprise has bought Domecq, the World is crazy. Where are you from Marje???? Hugs from the New Jerez


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