Thursday, 18 June 2015

Figs with Chocolate ONLY 150 CALORIES - Brevas con Chocolate SOLO 150 CALORÍAS

Sometimes, you die for a piece of cake, 
but a piece of 100 gr can have about 350 calories,
here you are a great idea: less calories 
Figs contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus,
 magnesium, iron, fiber, Vitamins A, B, P and folic acid
They contain no fat or cholesterol

So you only have to melt in the microwave one or two pieces 
of chocolate for two figs 
(25 gr chocolate have 125 calories)
It's up to you.
And you will  have a wonderful dessert.

Así que solo tienes que derretir en el microondas una o dos onzas de chocolate para dos higos o brevas.
(25 gr de chocolate tienen 125 calorías)
Depende de ti.
Y tendrás un postre maravilloso.

Happy Thursday!
¡Feliz Jueves!

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