Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Brussels Sprouts - Coles de Bruselas

A month ago I planted some seeds of Brussels sprouts 
and here you can see how they have grown.

Hace un mes planté unas semillas de coles de Bruselas
y aquí podéis ver como han crecido.

Today, suddenly the weather has changed, it is going to rain, so I have add a little bit of  ferrous sulphate a fertilizer, to my sprouts, only a little bit over the soil and far from the roots.

Hoy, de repente, el tiempo ha cambiado, va a llover, así que he añadido un poquito de sulfato de hierro, un fertilizante, a mis coles, solo un poquito sobre la tierra y lejos de las raíces.

Waiting for results.
Happy Wednesday!

Esperando resultados.
¡Feliz miércoles!

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  1. I'm growing some too for the first time. One of my favorites

  2. I wish I had the space for a veggie garden! I have to settle for a container of cherry tomatoes, and a small herb box! Enjoy your brussels sprouts - I love them!

    1. I only have a terrace Amy, some herbs, rosemary, parsley, curry, and this year these brussels sprouts, Thanks for your comments and hugs from Spain

  3. A una de nosotras le encantan las coles, Marina... ¡Suerte con la cosecha!

    Besos mil de las dos