Sunday, 26 June 2016

Almost everything can be useful - Casi todo puede ser util

Easy, quick and nice, with any chalk paint,  
handmade or not, you can get this result, 
and you can have a new place to set 
your mobile phone, your tv remote, your glasses, 
the book you are reading 
or your collection of bookmarks.

Here we go

Allá vamos

Sand a little bit
Lija un poquito

first coat
primera mano

second coat and coat of wax
segunda mano y una mano de cera

easy, isn't it?
fácil, ¿Verdad?

Two coats of paint and one coat of wax
 will be enough.

Dos manos de pintura y una de cera
serán suficiente.

Happy Sunday!!!

¡¡¡Feliz Domingo!!!

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  1. Fácil e muito prático!! Besitos para ti Marina.

  2. Very cute idea, Marina! I love the color of your tray! x Karen

    1. Thanks a lot Karen, you are very kind, hugs from Spain

  3. That looks very nice. A coat of paint does wonders. I just love book marks. :)


    1. Thanks a lot Sheri, you are very kind

      Hugs from Spain