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Your Tidy House - Tu Casa Ordenada

Do you dare with mexican food in Summer? ¿Os atrevéis con la comida mejicana en verano?

It isn't so difficult and all the family can contribute, we are on holidays so children can enjoy the kitchen too. Although my children are not already so small hahaha.
No es tan dificil y toda la familia puede contribuir, estamos de vacaciones y los niños pueden disfrutar de la cocina también. Aunque mis niños ya no son tan pequeños jajaja.

Everybody can cut the ingredients,  chichen, peppers, lettuce, bacon, cheese. 
Todo el mundo puede cortar los ingredientes, pollo, pimientos, lechuga, bacon, queso.

So here we go:
Saute the peppers in strips in some olive oil during 10 minutes more or less, then add the chicken in strips too, add spices like pepper, garlic, parsley, cumin or the spices you like more and cook about 20 minutes more.
This time we haven't cooked the beans. We have bought a can of boiled ones and we have saute them in olive oil with some garlic, bacon, onion and spices too, you can add Tabasco if you like.
My daughter has cut some cheese in slices and has covered the nach…
Hi! Although August is still here, I imagine that many of you are already at home.  I have only made a very short trip this summer but very intensive. 

¡Hola! Aunque Agosto está aquí todavía, me imagino que muchos de vosotros estáis ya en casa. Yo solo he hecho un viaje cortito pero muy intenso este verano.
This story begins a long time ago, I've always been a little bit odd, I can remember that I loved Sinatra's Songs when I was three years old and I also used to watch Elvis' Movies on TV. 
I was born in 1967 so those films were already old.

Esta historia empieza hace mucho tiempo. Yo siempre he sido un poco rarita, recuerdo que a los 3 años me encantaban las canciones de Sinatra y también solía ver en televisión las películas de Elvis. 
Nací en el 67, así que esas películas ya eran antiguas.
40 years ago, when I was still a little girl, a friend of my family gave me a present that changed my life in some way, I met Tom Jones through that Single of  Delilah. At the begining I tho…


If you follow my blog, you know that if I see the legs of a table in the street, I have to pick them up. Although I have no idea what I will do with them. Sooner or later I will find the perfect complement.
Si sigues mi blog, sabes que si veo unas patas de mesa en la calle, tengo que cogerlas. Aunque no tenga ni idea de que voy a hacer con ellas. Tarde o temprano encontraré el complemento perfecto.

And, finally I found an old piece of wood. I had the help of my father, who cut it in the perfect size.
Y finalmente encontré un trozo de madera antiguo. Tuve la ayuda de mi padre, que lo corto en el tamaño perfecto. 

I painted the legs in white , waxed them  and  screwed the cover.
Pinte las patas en blanco, las enceré y atornillé la tapa.

I only sanded a little bit the wood and waxed it. I like imperfections.
Solo lijé un poquito la madera y la enceré. Me gustan las imperfecciones.

Happy Week!!! ¡¡¡Feliz Semana!!!


Nothing better than a new book in Summer,  but sometimes when you lay on the sofa, ready to read you feel you are hungry, and  what to eat at 18:30? You think about ice-creams!!! But You cannot eat them everyday, so, here you are the solution, something fresh and sweet:
Nada mejor que un libro nuevo en Verano, pero a veces cuando te tumbas en el sofá lista para leer, sientes que tienes hambre, y  ¿Que comer a las 18:30? ¡¡¡Piensas en helados!!! Pero, no se puede comer helado todos los días, así que, aquí tenéis la solución,  algo fresco y dulce:

Fresh cheese with a little bit of blueberry jam and raspberries that, I bought last Friday in IKEA. I only like a few IKEA foods, salmon, although it is expensive, is one of them  and this jam, that, I also use to sweeten smoothies.
Queso fresco con un poquito de mermelada de arándanos y frambuesas, que compré el viernes pasado en IKEA. Solo me gustan unos pocos alimentos de los que venden allí. el salmón, aunque es caro, es uno de ellos y esta mermelada…