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If you love flowers - Si te encantan las flores

If you love flowers,
 but unfortunately you are allergic,
there are other options.

Si te encantan las flores,
pero desgraciadamente eres alérgico o alérgica,
hay otras opciones.

Vía Pinterest

White flowers by my father Agustin Pérez
I'm a lucky woman
Flores blancas por Agustín Pérez, my padre
soy una mujer con suerte

White flowers by María Bejarano, my mother
I have a family of artists

Flores blancas, por María Bejarano, mi madre
tengo una familia de artistas.

Or you can buy 
flowered cups.
There are also beautiful fabric flowers,
that you can easily clean.
So don't worry, you will find the best
option for you.

O puedes comprar
 tazas con flores.
También hay flores de tela preciosas
y fáciles de limpiar.
Así que, no te preocupes, 
encontraras la mejor opción para ti.

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  1. Marina, your mother and father's paintings are wonderful. You really do have talented artists in your family. I love your mother's white flowers. They look like roses to me. : ) Your collection of flowered cups is so pretty.

    Enjoy the April days, my friend.


    1. Thanks a lot Sheri, you are very kind

      Hugs from Spain

  2. Hello Marina, I enjoyed this post. How lucky to have artists in the family. My grandmother liked to paint flowers but she died before I was born and I have only ever seen one of her paintings. We have some very nice white anemones in our garden at the moment. I like white flowers. Bye for now, Kirk

    1. Hi Kirk, nice to see you, I love flowers but it's difficult growing them here, too much hot in summer, and too much wind in my terrace, hehehe.
      Anyway, I try it every year, I have jasmine, lavender and bugamvilles.

      Hugs from the South of Spain


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