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Lisianthus & Eucalyptus Branches - Lisianthus & Ramas de Eucalipto

And Suddenly, flowers arrived at home, these ones represent much for me. Someone very special gave them to me.
Y de repente, las flores llegaron a casa, estas representan mucho para mí. Alguien muy especial me las regaló.

Sometimes, you are more sensitive than usual, sometimes, the tears flow and you don't know why, but, sometimes, you know exactly why you feel so. 

A veces, estás más sensible de lo normal,  a veces, las lagrimas brotan y no sabes porque, pero, a veces, sabes exactamente porque te sientes así.

I like white more and more everyday. And white flowers are wonderful.
Cada vez me gusta más el blanco. Y las flores blancas son maravillosas.

Brussels' Sprouts - Coles de Bruselas

At last, although you can think that it is easy, it's difficult to find Brussels' Sprouts here. Last year, I was able to find them frozen in my supermarket and last week, finally, I found them fresh. Today, I'm going to serve them as garnish of roasted chicken.
"You only have to boil them for 20 minutes  and then you can saute them  a few minutes in olive oil"
Easy, isn't it?
Por fin, aunque pueda parecer fácil, es dificil encontrar Coles de Bruselas aquí. El año pasado, las encontré congeladas en mi supermercado y la semana pasada, finalmente las encontre frescas.
"Solo hay que hervirlas durante 20 minutos y despúes podéis saltearlas unos minutos en aceite de oliva"
Fácil, ¿Verdad?

Brussels' Sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, vegetal proteins, carbonate hydrates, for this reason, they are very good for the prevention of many illnesses.
Las Coles de Bruselas son ricas en vitaminas, minerales, fibra, proteina vegetal, hidratos de carbono, por lo …

Industrial Style - Estilo Industrial

I love imperfections, and you? Me encantan las imperfecciones ¿Y a ti?

Old pieces of furniture... old places...
Viejos muebles... viejos lugares...

Perhaps, because I was born 
in an old quarter, in an old palace
 converted into a community  of small apartments, high ceilings, 
old wooden doors...
Quizás, porque nací 
en un barrio antiguo,  en un antiguo palacio, 
reconvertido en una comunidad
 de pequeños apartamentos,  techos altos, viejas puertas de madera...

Perhaps, that's the reason...
I don't know

Quizás, es esa la razón...
 No sé

Happy Weekend

¡¡¡Feliz Finde 
a todos!!!

Pumpkin Custard - Flan de Calabaza

Today, I share again  our Pumpkin Custard 

Hoy, comparto de nuevo  nuestro flan de calabaza

Ingredients - Ingredientes
3/4 cup brown sugar ( you must take 3 spoonfuls of this sugar for candy) -  3/4 de taza de azucar moreno (Tenéis que coger 3 cucharadas de azúcar de esta para el caramelo) 2 spoonfulls honey - 2 cucharadas de miel 3 eggs - 3 huevos 1 Milk glass - 1 vaso de leche 1 Cup of pumpkin puree ( you only have to boil pumpkin with some water and make a puree, don't forget to remove the water) 1 Taza de puré de calabaza ( solo tenéis que hervir la calabaza con agua y hacer un puré, no olvidéis quitar el agua) 1/2 teaspoon salt - 1/2 cucharadita de sal

Beat ingredients except for 2 tablespoons sugar for candy Heat this sugar in a saucepan to melt and add to cake mold Then add the mixture you have made  Preheat the oven 200º and bake in a water bath about 30 minutes until a knife comes out clean. Batir los ingredientes menos las 2 cucharadas de azucar para el caramelo.  Calentar el azúcar en u…

Flower pots and Candle-holders - Maceteros y Portavelas

Hi!!! Friday Morning and everything is OK, The week has been very good  and we are ready for the weekend. I told you I wanted to talk  about Flower pots and Candle-holders and here you are my opinion.
I love Flower pots, but, I always purchase small ones,  so there's no plant enough small to put it inside them Hahahaha, Solution: I use them as candle-holders I think they look beautiful
Don't you think so? Here you are three of them.
¡¡¡Hola!!! Viernes por la mañana y todo va bien, la semana ha sido muy buena y estamos listos para el finde. Os dije que quería hablaros sobre  maceteros y portavelas y aquí tenéis mi opinión.
Me encantan los maceteros,  pero siempre los compro pequeños, así que no hay planta lo suficientemente pequeña  para colocarla dentro de ellos, jajajajaja, Solución: los uso como portavelas Me parecen preciosos
¿No os parece? Aquí tenéis tres de ellos.

Happy weekend  everybody!!!
¡¡¡Feliz finde a todos!!!

Hope, Happiness & Illusion - Esperanza, Felicidad & Ilusión

Hope, hope & hope

Monday Morning, we start a week full of happiness, hope, illusion. Dad is better, before some time in the hospital, little by little he is becoming stronger ( although he doesn't agree, hehehe ) We have also met there a great family, we have shared the room with them and I have learned a lot. Although they have to deal with a hard illness, they don't lose hope. And finally and of course the most important this week, one of my best friends is going to suffer an operation, she has a good prognosis and although she is a little bit nervous, as it is usual in this cases, she is also very optimist and this is the best way to face any obstacle in life. I'm also nervous and happy for her, because when you are in the way of the solution, every preoccupation becomes strength and hope and because I cannot avoid feeling something especial, that push me, when someone, who is very close you, is spending a moment like that.
Today, I was thinking about writing about flower…
We close the week with a great facebook page where you can find lots of good ideas 
My Nordic Home

Although I live in the South of Spain,  far South... I love this style, 
Cerramos la semana con una página de facebook genial, donde puedes encontrar montones de buenas ideas
My Nordic Home

Aunque vivo en el Sur de España, muy al sur... me encanta este estilo,

...because you can find wood here too  and I love wood.
And the Idea of placing your pictures  over the pieces of furniture or on the floor is great,  you can change the decoration whenever you want.
...porque puedes encontrar madera aquí también. Y la idea de colocar cuadros sobre los muebles o en el suelo me parece genial, puedes cambiar la decoración cuando quieras.

Candles everywhere, vinyls records used as pictures  on the shelves discos.
Velas por todas partes, vinilos utilizados como cuadros  en las estanterías.

white  and light...
blanco  y luz...

...light bulbs...

inside plants...
plantas de interior...

My dear city - Mi querida ciudad

Hi! Happy week!!! Let's go to the gym, we will go walking along  the oldest streets of my dear city  Jerez - SPAIN
¡Hola! ¡¡¡Feliz semana!!! Vamos al gimnasio, iremos paseando  por las calles más antiguas  de mi querida ciudad: Jerez - ESPAÑA

As you will realize, my city it's a mixture of decadent houses or abandoned palaces and wonderful reformed buildings used by institutions or new entrepreneurs.
Como os daréis cuenta, mi ciudad es una mezcla de casas decadentes o palacios abandonados y maravillosos edificios reformados, utilizados por instituciones o nuevos empresarios.

Wonderful and ancient houses that are waiting for someone with the illusion of living in the oldest quarter of the city.
Maravillosas y antiguas casas,  que están esperando a alguien con la ilusión de vivir en el barrio más antiguo de la ciudad.

We have already many neighbors, who are in love with the area, people from Jerez, but also from many other corners of the World. France, England, Norway, Japon, Belgium...
Tenemos ya…